Back from Tour // Telos

We are all back in Portland now.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped us along the way, there are too many of you to name!… Here is a photo from the show at Telos in Saronno, Italy, the second to last show of the tour.  This was a fun and really memorable show, because the punks there took the street in front of the squat to protest a bourgeois Last Thursday-type event somewhere else in the city, and the show took place in the street.  There was a lightning storm in the distance that kept getting closer during our set, and by the last few songs the wind had really picked up and the storm was close.  The wind blowing into the microphones made a crazy sound in the PA speakers.  We had to break everything down right away and the last band played inside…saronno @ telos

About adelit@s

Anarkopunk en espanyol from Portland, OR influenced by Latin American revolutionary music
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